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Wonderful World is a Wonderful opportunity to put forth your best and allow yourself to shine. The pace is fast, the teamwork and support are amazing and the potential is limitless!!

We offer opportunities in a variety of full-time, part-time and vacation time positions.

Love What You Do.




I choose to apply to wonderful world in 2011 because I possesses a genuine love and passion for cosmetics and merchandising. I dropped of my resume at Wonderful World Ltd Golder Doors Plaza branch on the 02nd September, 2011, the Manager opted to interview me on the spot. At the end of the interview much to my delight she informed me that I would be starting next Monday at the Frederick Street Branch.

My mom passed at the age of 29 years when I was just 7 years old so I started working from a young age to help send my brother to school. I could have furthered my education and taken a different path but I would not have it any other way I have learned so much and am still learning.

I was a Regular Customer of Wonderful World Ltd, as I always had an interest in Fashion Jewelry, Bras, handbags etc.  Every time I visited a branch I would feats my eyes on the lovely accessories all the while fantasizing about what it would be like to be an employee of this Company. I often wondered that if I got this opportunity would I save or spend my entire salary.


Lizzie & Angie (Golden Girls)

I had recently left my job of 3 years as an Administrative Assistant. I decided that my next job must be something I love doing, which was makeup and beauty. A few friends of mine tagged me to Wonderful World’s employment post for the Cosmetic Beauty Adviser position, I took the chance and sent it and that is where it all began.

From then to now.

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