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Wonderful World Ltd is a  dynamic organisation that has been strongly imprinted in the hearts of women in Trinidad and Tobago for over 40 years . With several conveniently located Branches Nationwide, Wonderful World Ltd’s success is due to its close following of generation fashion trends and our customer purchasing preferences. We pride ourselves in  being able to create an environment  that is vibrant, welcoming and that encourages customers to tap into their creativity  and explore their personal styles.


WW Story

In 1970 with a mere $5,000.00 invested, Wonderful World Ltd. was born. The ideals which have always shone around myself and filled me with joy is “Beauty and Truth”. Having spent my entire life making things around me beautiful, whether it was self designed, sewn and embroidered dresses for myself or friends, to painting flowers and placing them into a frame and hanging on the walls of my parents home to beautify. I felt this sincere and heartfelt desire to share this inspiration of such ‘ Beauty and Truth’ with everyone and anyone, thereby gathering up as many of these items as I could, which are reflected, today in the products now sold in all Wonderful World Stores. My Vision of Wonderful World was and is to this day- to look, feel, be confident and beautiful.

“ When you feel down… we will pick you up and when you are up we capture your spirit and help you soar further for it is a Wonderful World”

With sheer determination and a soulful desire to restart a fully destroyed business after the 1990 attempted coup, I had an innate sense, although, these were challenging times, coupled with my vision, I seemed to just know, “no- one can destroy what is built from the heart”.

Today, Wonderful World the brand represents 12 locations in Trinidad. It is about embracing fashion, inner beauty reflected on the outside. Through and by the choice of products we sell, which include a breath taking volume and variety of complementary accessories , such as fashion, jewellery, handbags, wallets, belts, swimwear, lingerie, sunglasses and cosmetics.

We know our products have the power to enhance the ‘ Beauty and Truth’ in every individual. A style presenting itself as breathtaking, gracious and glorious. What inspires me is the opportunity I am able to give others, the joy I experience with loyal customers, seeing people wearing our products, listing to them, I receive ideas and further inspiration to continue serving the people of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean and all over the world.


Vision Statement

To reignite your beauty from within, thus transforming women with their highest potential to be Confident and radiant.


Mission Statement

To sustain a remarkable imprint on the hearts of women – going forward from generation to generation, creating a haven to enter and re-enter forever.

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